Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mumbai Trains. Theres Nothing That Can Compare To Them!

"Chalo andar, bahar log latak rahe hai"..
This line is perfectly explains the experience of travelling via Mumbai local trains, during peak hours.
Ranting. Raving. Abusing in a 100 different languages, are some of the perks everyone gets the benefit of. If you don't, then you've done something right to NOT deserve it.

Honestly, the condition is really that bad. I travel everyday from one end of the city to the other, and have been victim to verbal abuses, and have also been shoved off a train! Its a part and parcel of Mumbai life.
We live that way-Rough and Tough!

During Monsoons, the trains are often delayed, making travel way more terrifying. People hang onto the doors for dear life. WHY cant they just wait to get onto the next train?! What could be more important than their life?
Its ridiculous.
I'd rather miss out on my attendance in college, than sit in a hospital for being ruthless.

To add to this, the trains are awfully dirty.
People spit tobacco and god knows what other concoctions, on the platforms.
Pick pocketing during peak hours is considered normal. (Yes, Ive lost a cell phone too!)
For heavens sake, there are slippers and other miscellaneous things lying on the tracks! Sometimes I really wonder how they get there.

Despite all this criticism, the trains are the lifeline of this busy city. The day they're shut, Mumbai comes to a standstill. But sometimes, better security and discipline, are more important than receiving the pink slip.

Its a do or die situation!