Friday, 25 January 2013

The Experiment.

There's only one way in which you'd ever comprehend the feeling of the wooden dust underneath your feet, the harsh warmth of the spotlight on your head, and the crystal blackness filled with ghastly yet curious eyes staring right at you. And you, you stand there taking in all you have to deliver your last bit of being a person re-created by ghost writers who make a new you by just stringing in words. That's when you gather up all you have, look straight in their eyes and speak. An extension of words revised by you numerous times flows out of your mouth, but this time, it's different. It's not you. An outburst of applause and a curtain call snap your trance, but that feeling you just experienced is bliss..pure exhilaration.

I spent a large part of my school days standing on stage, either acting or debating. Back then, never did I get the chance to know what it felt like to run my own production. To host my own shows. To do ALL the backstage work. Or to just stand up on a pedestal and motivate my team before it's final show.
And now, finally, after coming to Symbiosis, I did find a like minded friend along with whom I founded our college's first theatrical production house. We both had excellent parallel ideas on innovative theatre and are finally putting up our first show in March, 2013. We decided to call ourselves "The Experiment."

Our first logo designed by a friend, Harsha Biyani.