Saturday, 17 September 2011

On Being Strong ..

She stares at her life flashing by, just like in the movies. Except that every scene here was nothing but reality. Nothing but a true manifestation of what she had gone through, witnessed or experienced.
Standing at the edge of the sea, watching the waves crash against the rocks, with only a hint of deep moonlight highlighting it's depth, she contemplates on right and wrong.
She muses over the World's silly ways, and smiles, for she'll be long gone, to hear them chatter.

As a spray of the cold ocean water hits her face, reality brings her back into it's vortex. They say reality is bad, but at times, it can prove to be the exact opposite. She remembers all the good times..
Her friends. Her family. Her work. her love.
Realizing her entire life is still left ahead of her, a tiny tear slips down her pretty face as she imagines what all she can do.
What all she can be.
All those dreams and hopes turning to reality.
All those relationships lasting forever.

Standing upright, in the cold, eerie night, she now has the knowledge of right and wrong. She knows that the right things aren't always easy, but going down the difficult path will make her strong.
After lingering in the beauty of the night, for a while, she carefully steps off the bridge. And walks away victorious, under the glittering stars to her rightful destiny!

'Nuff Said :)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Letter To A Lost Friend

Dear Long Lost Best Friend,

It's been a while since we've met. Well, you're miles away, and that sucks.
It's been a while since we've spoken, and spend the entire day texting.
It's been a while since we last cracked up on the ironies of life at 3 in the morning.
It's been a while since we last joked over lame puns and secret jokes.
It's been a while since we helped each other overcome our fears, and know everything will be all right.
It's been a while since we last held hands and jumped in puddles.
It's been a while since we last shared our coffee, and ate chocolates while watching TV.
It's been a while, since we updated each other on our lives.

I miss what we used to be-happy and silly! All those stupid school memories, embarrassing moments, "I know right" situations, "That's so you" and "I'm not surprised" conversations..everything!
I wish I knew what went wrong. I wish we were WE again. If I could go back and amend all those mistakes, I would have.

All I want you to know is, you've always been one of the best friends I've made.
One of the most talented.
One who understood me the best.
And the one, I can trust my life with.
Thankyou, for always being there.

I miss you.

Shagun. :)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Tribute To My Father.

This is something I had written for my dad a few days back. He's been my biggest support system all through, and I'm really grateful to him for everything!

(OMG! I know that sounded like some "Eeeee. I'm Miss World" speech. Sorry for that. :P)
Here goes.

He held her tiny fingers,
Close to his chest,
Letting her gleeful smile
Envelope him in the moment.

He gave her his large hand,
To skip around in the park,
He let her hold him and weep,
When her bicycle struck the bark.

He guided her all through school,
Making her strong and brave..
With failed attempts of being Mr. Cool,
So that her friends wouldn't be naive.

Pre-teen years, left him frustrated,
Funny hormonal mood swings,
And crazy cravings..
Were accompanied with serious talks, and silly joking.

During his hard times,
She saw him cry,
All she could promise,
Was to be a good girl, and try.

Days passed, as did years,
Hardly did he realize, she was all grown,
Holding back his tears, he said,
"I'm amazed at the maturity you've shown."

He said that only so she'd feel confident and brave,
But she knew deep inside,
Daddy was trying to overcome his daze,
His silent prayer, and attempt to confide..

"Don't worry daddy", she said,
"I'm always here for you,
Even if you're old and cranky,
Cause you were there for me too.

You held onto me, when i had no faith,
You believed in me, when i was trembling with doubt,
You managed to handle a crazy girl,
And brought her up with love and shouts..

I've known all along, you wanted my best,
And that you wish, to hold onto the rest..
Now I'm all grown, and may soon go,
Daddy, you're my hero, is all you need to know.

I really find this cartoon SO super adorable! :)


P.S. I'm sorry if that was a bit too sentimental.
And and, I'd love to know what you thought about it.
I love compliments. O:)