Monday, 31 October 2011

Falling Again?

He was the best, so she believed, and she had unwavering faith in that belief.
And all that resulted of the year and a half long stint was a big, bad heartbreak that shattered her!
She didn't care anymore.
She felt all numb. Dramatic as it sounds, it couldn't be more true.
She isolated herself.
Got over-worked.
Fought with friends and family.
Cried herself to sleep.
Wrote sad songs, and stayed up all night.

Time heals all wounds, so they say. And true, it is.
She was genuinely happy again. Every time someone took his name, or each time he texted her, she wouldn't flinch. She was brave. She overcame all that she had lost, by finding love in other things like her work, her family, her friends and even in watching movies. Her playlist didn't sound so depressing either.
She was back on track.

Outer appearances are often deceptive, as so was it with her.
She lost all feelings of "true love". Believed it to be utter bullshit. Anytime she saw people who were "madly in love", she found it crappy and cheesy. She cracked jokes and mocked them.
But in reality, she was just trying to hide the scars her wounds left behind. She had lost utter faith in that 4 letter word that made the wold go round, so to speak!

..until she met him!
He gave her butterflies the first time he walked up to her. He made her feel special and loved. His cute, cheesy messages made her smile like a retard. His smile sent her to another land, altogether. He intimidated her!
Initially, she was scared. Scared to loose him, and to have history repeat itself. But he had a story of his own. His heart was also broken. And he needed a companion to make him believe that everything would be all right! Being in the exact same position as he was, they helped each other. They'd talk all day long. She'd crack stupid jokes to make him laugh, when he was feeling low. They were the distractions they needed.

And then, the obvious happened. She began to fall for him, as did he!

Accepting this fact, they decided to keep things on hold. She has to focus on her priorities, and so does he. They both need time, something they have enough of.
Mature, is what they've become.
He came at the right time, and now she knows things are going to fall in place when they have to!

Till then, she's happily writing her destiny! :)

:) <3

Advertisements Couldn't Get More Phony!

This generation has seen a huge amount of various products invade the markets and store shelves, and the worst part about them are their silly advertisements! Not all,but a few.
I did take the "opportunity" to watch the ads during the commercial breaks (which we have too many of!), and pick out a few of the "outstanding" ones.
No, literally, outstanding!

The Santoor body soap ad has a young lady, who after being teased by boys younger to her, uses the soap, gets flawless skin, and is able to hit a six! I mean who in the WHOLE wide world would consider that smart? Why would someone come up with something as stupid as that?
To add to it's lameness, she is shown to be a young mother, leaving everyone awestruck!
Now that's what I call a job of brilliance!
Verdict: EPIC FAIL

Wild Stone. The deo that will attract women, and make them want to have sex with you, even if you're a blind old version of Denzil Washington, or in a local train. (Yes. It resembled the Western Railway line!)
Verdict: Very, Very Sexy! ( NOT!)

Samsung Dual Temperature Control Refrigerator. This ad scores brownie points over ALL others. It ranks as the "Worst Add of the 21st Century". Poor lil Priyanka Chopra is running out of jobs.
She is dressed as a spinach who is cribbing to her Ice Cream alter ego about her terrible fate because there is no temperature control in the refrigerator part, as in the deep freeze. She goes on to explain the cost of spinach and its properties (as if Popeye didn't do a good job!), and voila! Samsung Dual Temperature Control Refrigerators, save the day!
To add to the high irritating levels of this ad, her accent and tone is an utter disaster. Its creeky and noisy.
Nails on a blackboard, that's the best way to describe it!
Verdict: Cacophony, an understatement.

Fairness Creams. I think they act like one of the top NEEDS of the Indians, or at least they appear to! Vaseline Fairness Cream. Garnier Skin Lightening Cream, are just a few of the "formulated products" that " guarantee fairness with 14 days".
Why are we SO obsessed with being fair? Why do we crib about our beautiful mocha colored skin?
Foreigners sit in the scorching heat of our tropical afternoons, trying to get a tan (burn is a better word), and we try to use fairness creams to look like them. Ironic, isn't it?
Top models like Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks, are dark. Actors like Rani Mukherjee and Priyanka Chopra aren't that fair either. So why the hubub?!
Verdict: Its a "personal choice", as most would say!

The world could seriously do without these"tear-jerkers".
Yes. They make me want to pull my hair apart,or at least be in some high God forsaken mountain. Anywhere away from the tragedy that awaits those people who are really so loyal to their serials to waste 10 minutes on watching utter nonsense.

Marketing is booming, as we can see.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Uncivilized Indian

They've dominated the streets. The homes. The railways. The malls. And now, the world!
Oh yes, this goes out to that Indian, who is little too loud.
A little too obsessed with plagiarism.
A little too ill-mannered.
A little too uncivilized.

I was at the mall, with my father, the other day, eating in the food court. On the table next to ours, there was this large party of kids accompanied by a grandmother, a lanky elder kid they called 'bade bhaiyya' and two gossip-y aunties.
They all decided to eat more than what any average person can (a typical Indian trait. We think the food is going to run out of stock, just like some dress at Colaba Causeway). Eating a lot is still fine, but they managed to spill 4glasses of Coke float too. Despite this, they all just got up and walked away, after being extremely rude to the person who cleaned up the mess THEY made. They didn't even wait to give him a tip!
One child in particular, mis-treated one of the workers too. He was harsh and loud, and really ill-mannered. While his mother (read: gossip-y aunty) didn't say a word! In fact she just smiled at him, and walked away!
Didn't she realize that it reflected on her as well?
Wasn't she the elder one?
Don't children take after their folks?

This was one of the most disgusting things I've seen. Children on the streets can behave better.
It may all seem small and inconsequential, but look at the bigger picture.
Just because you're a rich kid, and you go to a mall, wear branded clothes, and look all snobbish and stuck up, as though you have something up your ass.. That doesn't mean you're given a golden ticket to mis-treat someone who's doing your dirty work.
Shame on such people.

And then we complain about being looked down upon when we go abroad, and hear someone mutter "bloody Indians", under their breath.
We dress loud. We talk loud. We cannot behave.
What else can we expect?

I'm not generalizing this to ALL Indians. It's just those few people, you see daily, who's appearance isn't deceptive.
Maybe we need to start from home.
Treat people right, here in India, itself.
Watch our behavior when we step out of the four walls of our home.
Learn basic etiqette.

Then maybe someday, we won't have to be shushed for TALKING SO LOUDLY, AS THOUGH THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU IS STONE DEAF OR A 1000 MILES AWAY, OR WORSE, BOTH!

(I don't mean to offend anyone out here. Just a very strong opinion,that should be given a second thought! :) )

Friday, 21 October 2011

We have, What They Call, True Love! :P

So here's to that retarded bitch, who can't ever shut up.
Here's to that girl, who can cry one minute over a broken nail, but laugh over someone who hurt her.
Here's to that Rockstar who can sing her life out when drunk!
Here's to the girl who's always stood by me.
Who's always been there to hear me rant and rave.
Who's always there to gossip about people who gossip.
Who's always there to act like the second mother.
Who's always there to throw 'I-know-rights' and 'Its-written-all-over-your-face'.
And the one, who's turned heads by being her silly self!
Here's to you, I. :)

We've known each other all through school, but not in the way we should have. All that bitching and hatred, in no possible way, would have ever led to our awefuckingsome friendship! Well, everything happens for a reason, right? *P.O.L. much*
The first time we actually went out together, was before Jay was going to leave. I know we've spoken and discussed this SO many times, but I'm going to mention it anyway, cause I know you're going to reply with that same enthusiasm each time.
*yes, I know you just muttered 'bitch' under your breath!* :P

I remember arguing with him saying I couldn't bear you, and didn't even want to see your face. I know that was mean. But then he insisted. I guess that was the best thing he's ever done..
We met, and instantly became amazing friends.A super shock to EVERYONE!

We'd talk the entire day. Chat on Facebook. Give over a 100 notifications. Kill peoples NewsFeed early in the morning. And even change our relationship status to 'In A Relationship' and eventually 'Engaged' to each other!
Damn. I remember how freaked my mom was, after seeing that!

(To everyone reading this: No, we're not gay. :P)

Each time I've cried, felt annoyed, thought of doing wrong things, had breakdowns, you've always stood by me. Told me to stay strong. Ensured I never gave up. Helped me find my true identity, when I felt all lost and lonely. Yelled at me each time I did something wrong.
You've been my pillar of strength through my darkest of days.
Helped me overcome so many fears.
Helped me believe in myself.

When I broke up, you were the one to go and yell at that idiot.
When I got pissed at people, you were there to patiently hear me rant, and then eventually rant back too.
When I fought with my mom, you were there to hear me cry, and rationalize with me, and make me go and apologize.
When I achieved something, you always reacted as though you also achieved it.
When I felt all lame and stupid, you heard me crack gay jokes.
When I felt all poetic, you reviewed all my 'works' at 12 in the night.
When I was in hospital, you were more freaked than I ever was.
And when I had an exam, you pretended like it was yours too!

A super big THANK YOU for all that!

Apart from all these saintly things you've done, all the long walks. Talking about what we spoke when we were 'back there' (with turning our heads, literally). Those retarded sleepovers. Roaming around at 2 in the night. Illegal hangouts. Hangovers. CCD dates that lasted hours and hours. Mocking all those people who 'ispeak lyk disss...'. The photo editing sprees. Sentimental quotes. Endless texting. High cell phone bills that followed. Drooling over hot guys. Failed attempts of being girly. Doughnuts-are-my-life talks. Stupidity in malls. Clicking a gazillion pictures, 'after fixing our hair'. Bitching and gossiping. Movies. Long 'GF' updates. What-do-I-wear crisis. Endless song dedications. Our never ending *Cosmic Coincident* Moments. Aaannd, our recent fad of Emailing.

Our friendship is perfect. And I'm proud to say that it is..

Now, we're almost done with our 12th grade, and will go our separate ways. The stupidity and daily meetings won't be a constant anymore. It's heart breaking, I know. But the simple thought of being able to do what we've dreamed of, all our lives, will keep us going. The fact we'll break free and fly away, will keep us strong.

So no matter where we go, and what we become, I'm always going to be there to break the bones of any idiot who hurts you.
Sing and dance with you, when you're at your peak.
Motivate you, and not give up, when you feel low.
Abscond to the Himalayas, every time you need a break.
Give you a wild bachelor's party. 
Be the bridesmaid at your wedding.
Be your children's Godmother O:).
And take your walking stick and hobble away, when you become an old woman, only to watch you run behind me.

Sigh! That explains it all :P

As we go on, we remember,
All the times we've, had together,
As our lives change, come what ever,
We will still be,
Friends Forever! :')

Here's a small video I made. Since we've got a GAZLLION pictures and I really didn't know how to put them all. :P

(P.S. Take out your handkerchief! Just Saying! O:))

This is just a tiny part of our friendship, but the most important one. It's always the little things that matter. The people who walk into your life, when the world walks out. The one person who helps you sing your life's song, when you've forgotten the lyrics.
You've been all of that to me.

ILoveYouSoMuchYouSuperSentimentalCrazyRetardedEpicCosmicallyCoincidentPOL Womaaan <3<3:*:*


P.S. She isn't my best friend. But the song is perfectly apt. :)
P.P.S. The song is Best Friends Forever by KSM
P.P.P.S. You can follow her blog at Scribbling Life. She's super awesome! B)

Annnd, I'm sorry if this was a bit too long, or a bit too sentimental.



Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Society. Fear. Death.

We're like an integral part of society. It cant do without us..
But sometimes, we end up misusing the things we cannot live without. Women, unfortunately, have the same fate!
Being sold for sex, victims of rape and torture. Why is it that we have such a fate?
Despite modern standards and new school thoughts, women are still a major exception, in most cases!
Here is something I wrote on a rape victim..probably inspired by my Sociology lectures! (Yes. I do attend them!)


It struck her like a knife, penetrating into her skin,
A deep pain wallowed her whole being
As if being pricked by a hundred pins..
Pins, not of the hurt, but of shame and fear..

Fear? What for? You may ask.
The fear of not being accepted into society
The shame of her femininity being questioned
The fear of all the madness
The shame of standing up for her sadness.

This is how life treats a women,
Making her feel divine, only for the purpose of birth..
The lost innocence and "purity"
Is that all we judge?!

Giving everything she had,
In the hopes to stay alive..
Her expectations, did anyone care?
Was her inner voice ever prioritized?!

She had dreams, dreams bigger than the rest
A want to fly freely
Escape from the bonds of slavery!
Her inner voice, never did she hear..
The constant abuse, did she not fear?

Lost were her thoughts and feelings,
Lost, was once she all had
Her love, her family, her life..
All that was left, was an eternal strife!

She lived in the hopes of her expectations being answered,
But hope never knocked her door.
She decided to end the grief and pain,
Run away from the strains of the chain!

What she left back was only a legacy,
One that would help her kind
It proved that life and fate are in our hands,
Wherein the weak suffer, and the strong one stands!


True Story.