Friday, 21 October 2011

We have, What They Call, True Love! :P

So here's to that retarded bitch, who can't ever shut up.
Here's to that girl, who can cry one minute over a broken nail, but laugh over someone who hurt her.
Here's to that Rockstar who can sing her life out when drunk!
Here's to the girl who's always stood by me.
Who's always been there to hear me rant and rave.
Who's always there to gossip about people who gossip.
Who's always there to act like the second mother.
Who's always there to throw 'I-know-rights' and 'Its-written-all-over-your-face'.
And the one, who's turned heads by being her silly self!
Here's to you, I. :)

We've known each other all through school, but not in the way we should have. All that bitching and hatred, in no possible way, would have ever led to our awefuckingsome friendship! Well, everything happens for a reason, right? *P.O.L. much*
The first time we actually went out together, was before Jay was going to leave. I know we've spoken and discussed this SO many times, but I'm going to mention it anyway, cause I know you're going to reply with that same enthusiasm each time.
*yes, I know you just muttered 'bitch' under your breath!* :P

I remember arguing with him saying I couldn't bear you, and didn't even want to see your face. I know that was mean. But then he insisted. I guess that was the best thing he's ever done..
We met, and instantly became amazing friends.A super shock to EVERYONE!

We'd talk the entire day. Chat on Facebook. Give over a 100 notifications. Kill peoples NewsFeed early in the morning. And even change our relationship status to 'In A Relationship' and eventually 'Engaged' to each other!
Damn. I remember how freaked my mom was, after seeing that!

(To everyone reading this: No, we're not gay. :P)

Each time I've cried, felt annoyed, thought of doing wrong things, had breakdowns, you've always stood by me. Told me to stay strong. Ensured I never gave up. Helped me find my true identity, when I felt all lost and lonely. Yelled at me each time I did something wrong.
You've been my pillar of strength through my darkest of days.
Helped me overcome so many fears.
Helped me believe in myself.

When I broke up, you were the one to go and yell at that idiot.
When I got pissed at people, you were there to patiently hear me rant, and then eventually rant back too.
When I fought with my mom, you were there to hear me cry, and rationalize with me, and make me go and apologize.
When I achieved something, you always reacted as though you also achieved it.
When I felt all lame and stupid, you heard me crack gay jokes.
When I felt all poetic, you reviewed all my 'works' at 12 in the night.
When I was in hospital, you were more freaked than I ever was.
And when I had an exam, you pretended like it was yours too!

A super big THANK YOU for all that!

Apart from all these saintly things you've done, all the long walks. Talking about what we spoke when we were 'back there' (with turning our heads, literally). Those retarded sleepovers. Roaming around at 2 in the night. Illegal hangouts. Hangovers. CCD dates that lasted hours and hours. Mocking all those people who 'ispeak lyk disss...'. The photo editing sprees. Sentimental quotes. Endless texting. High cell phone bills that followed. Drooling over hot guys. Failed attempts of being girly. Doughnuts-are-my-life talks. Stupidity in malls. Clicking a gazillion pictures, 'after fixing our hair'. Bitching and gossiping. Movies. Long 'GF' updates. What-do-I-wear crisis. Endless song dedications. Our never ending *Cosmic Coincident* Moments. Aaannd, our recent fad of Emailing.

Our friendship is perfect. And I'm proud to say that it is..

Now, we're almost done with our 12th grade, and will go our separate ways. The stupidity and daily meetings won't be a constant anymore. It's heart breaking, I know. But the simple thought of being able to do what we've dreamed of, all our lives, will keep us going. The fact we'll break free and fly away, will keep us strong.

So no matter where we go, and what we become, I'm always going to be there to break the bones of any idiot who hurts you.
Sing and dance with you, when you're at your peak.
Motivate you, and not give up, when you feel low.
Abscond to the Himalayas, every time you need a break.
Give you a wild bachelor's party. 
Be the bridesmaid at your wedding.
Be your children's Godmother O:).
And take your walking stick and hobble away, when you become an old woman, only to watch you run behind me.

Sigh! That explains it all :P

As we go on, we remember,
All the times we've, had together,
As our lives change, come what ever,
We will still be,
Friends Forever! :')

Here's a small video I made. Since we've got a GAZLLION pictures and I really didn't know how to put them all. :P

(P.S. Take out your handkerchief! Just Saying! O:))

This is just a tiny part of our friendship, but the most important one. It's always the little things that matter. The people who walk into your life, when the world walks out. The one person who helps you sing your life's song, when you've forgotten the lyrics.
You've been all of that to me.

ILoveYouSoMuchYouSuperSentimentalCrazyRetardedEpicCosmicallyCoincidentPOL Womaaan <3<3:*:*


P.S. She isn't my best friend. But the song is perfectly apt. :)
P.P.S. The song is Best Friends Forever by KSM
P.P.P.S. You can follow her blog at Scribbling Life. She's super awesome! B)

Annnd, I'm sorry if this was a bit too long, or a bit too sentimental.




  1. I.Loved.This.Post
    Made me go all, arrey I too have done this and aww, so sweet.
    Here's to awesome friends!

  2. okay so this has to be the most adorable thing i have ever read.
    i haven't had a girl-best-friend since 7th grade, and this made me all nostalgic. :(
    you both sound like such awesome people! ♥ and i admire you for dedicating an entire post (and such a long one, at that!) to just one person. wow.

    *big hug*

  3. @Blahblaholic: Aww. Absolutely! Cheers to awesome friends! :D

    @Furree: Aw. Thankyou so much. That means a lot!♥
    Aww. That's okay. :(
    *big hug back*

  4. YAYYYY! I love the fact that I follow both of you and you're both awesome :D Okay the video is cute, specially the one titled "Our favourite picture" :D I remember my friends doing all this when X gave over and some of us reminded of it! And girlfriends are awesomest! And I was married to a frand too. She went to another school and found another chic and we're done, after a kid ofcourse :) So you're not the only one who is funny-gay! :P
    I loved this. Post dedications are amaaazing, irrespective of whether we know/dunno the person. :)
    Hugs to both of you ! :D

  5. Awesomeness :o
    Glad you're having fun :)

  6. @Crystal: Eeeee :D Muchas gracias :P
    Haha. Thankfully we're not the only ones then! O:)
    Aww. :( We're yet to have a kid and all of that :P
    Iloveyouuuu! *hugs*

    @Ovais: Aw. Thankyou! :)

  7. ThisISTheBestThingEVER! :*

    And here's what I gotta say:

    Love you :)

  8. awwhh.. this is so adorable !:*
    Ishyeta and you are just so cute:)
    a very, very nice post !

  9. @Ishi: Eee :* I love you womaan! :)

    @Priyanka: Aw. Thankyou! >:D<


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