Monday, 31 October 2011

Advertisements Couldn't Get More Phony!

This generation has seen a huge amount of various products invade the markets and store shelves, and the worst part about them are their silly advertisements! Not all,but a few.
I did take the "opportunity" to watch the ads during the commercial breaks (which we have too many of!), and pick out a few of the "outstanding" ones.
No, literally, outstanding!

The Santoor body soap ad has a young lady, who after being teased by boys younger to her, uses the soap, gets flawless skin, and is able to hit a six! I mean who in the WHOLE wide world would consider that smart? Why would someone come up with something as stupid as that?
To add to it's lameness, she is shown to be a young mother, leaving everyone awestruck!
Now that's what I call a job of brilliance!
Verdict: EPIC FAIL

Wild Stone. The deo that will attract women, and make them want to have sex with you, even if you're a blind old version of Denzil Washington, or in a local train. (Yes. It resembled the Western Railway line!)
Verdict: Very, Very Sexy! ( NOT!)

Samsung Dual Temperature Control Refrigerator. This ad scores brownie points over ALL others. It ranks as the "Worst Add of the 21st Century". Poor lil Priyanka Chopra is running out of jobs.
She is dressed as a spinach who is cribbing to her Ice Cream alter ego about her terrible fate because there is no temperature control in the refrigerator part, as in the deep freeze. She goes on to explain the cost of spinach and its properties (as if Popeye didn't do a good job!), and voila! Samsung Dual Temperature Control Refrigerators, save the day!
To add to the high irritating levels of this ad, her accent and tone is an utter disaster. Its creeky and noisy.
Nails on a blackboard, that's the best way to describe it!
Verdict: Cacophony, an understatement.

Fairness Creams. I think they act like one of the top NEEDS of the Indians, or at least they appear to! Vaseline Fairness Cream. Garnier Skin Lightening Cream, are just a few of the "formulated products" that " guarantee fairness with 14 days".
Why are we SO obsessed with being fair? Why do we crib about our beautiful mocha colored skin?
Foreigners sit in the scorching heat of our tropical afternoons, trying to get a tan (burn is a better word), and we try to use fairness creams to look like them. Ironic, isn't it?
Top models like Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks, are dark. Actors like Rani Mukherjee and Priyanka Chopra aren't that fair either. So why the hubub?!
Verdict: Its a "personal choice", as most would say!

The world could seriously do without these"tear-jerkers".
Yes. They make me want to pull my hair apart,or at least be in some high God forsaken mountain. Anywhere away from the tragedy that awaits those people who are really so loyal to their serials to waste 10 minutes on watching utter nonsense.

Marketing is booming, as we can see.


  1. The deodorant adds are not just asinine but also cheap and dumb.:S
    And have you noticed when a woman craving to be fair (for no apparent reason. Dusky is good, duh) eventually succeeds the length of her clothes goes up? :|
    Then the Fridge act. PC- it wasn't expected from her. At all.:|
    To conclude, sex, stupidity, sleaze sell in India. Me believes :P

    PS : Dudeee I ll tell you what happened. The word I got for the captcha code on your blog was "Adsala" hahahahaha :D

  2. OMG! I know righttt? :|
    Exactly. I don't really get what is it with Indian women and fairness! :/
    Lol. I agree with your conclusion! :P

    Hahahahahahaha! =)) Lets take that as a sign! O:) :P

  3. OMFG!! Did priyanka actually do that? :| I must should see what I am forced to watch in the name of desi ads on B4U in London....they sell atta, chawal in a typical behenji way.....these ads are far far far better than the horror I am dealing with....



    ^Here's the link to that awful ad!
    Watch it, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!

    Ohh shit! Atta, chawal in bhenji style sounds awful! :S

  5. i dont know if marketing is booming or not...but for sure they make my mind go *BOOM*!!!:-D

  6. a few words...1.See if u have no problems removing word verification option for's kind of a drag..
    2.put up a blog archive in ur that viewers can easily have a look at ur previous entries...:-)

  7. Hahaha. I know right?

    Ohh yeah. I'll make the changes :)

  8. Hahahaha. Santoor ad is ekdum crap :P
    Oh. These Axe, Wild Stone, bloody all deo perfume ads now a days have a male or female lead, they spray perfume and voila! All guys and girls drooling -__-
    YESSS! Priyanka Chopra as spinach, ugh, makes me want to knock her head off!
    And yeah, we really NEED to stop this obsession with fair skin :/

  9. I hate all those ads -_- Making fool of Women And Men.

    I lol'd at your explanations of each product.

    I think the same when those ads are going on . Well at least they are worth a laugh :P

  10. @Blahblaholic: OMG! I know right?
    Our advertisements make me reek with disgust >_<

    @Daniyal: Hahaha. Imma agree with you! They're totally worth the laugh :P
    Thankyou for following, btw! :D


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