Monday, 13 February 2012

The Beauty Of Innocence :)

She sat in the dark,weeping silently,
Except the moonbeam shining through the window brightly,
Lies, not worth the tears, left unexplained,
And incomprehensible pleasure in pain!

The pressure mounted, the cuts deepened,
A forgiveness was all that would erase her pain.
A genuine apology.
The innocence of words.
Were taken for granted, leaving her hurt.

A desire to be strong, a desire to be brave,
The want to put wrong to right, and not be naive,
She took charge of her feelings and emotions,
Put the pieces together, and ended the commotion!

The result of hard work seemed to be sweet,
The fruits of courage are never bleak.
Rising and falling, like the stormy waves,
A boat about to topple, had finally sailed!


Guess we all have been in that situation where we are stuck between whats right and wrong.
Between our emotions and morals.
But at the end of the day, we dock our way through..towards our rightful destiny.
Life's like that! :)