Monday, 10 September 2012

Through My Teeth.

Her nimble fingers tremble, as she daintily wraps her arms around his neck. He embraces her in a deep, passionate kiss, while she breathed in the deep stench of his cigarettes and tasted his lips, bitter from last night's adventures.

The slight tremble of her body gave him enough evidence of the fear that engulfed her soul. She knew his end was not a far, distant fact. It was now..right this moment. All those dreams of white gowns and pretty dances faded with the clink of champagne glasses, just as though a thousand shards of glass would shatter on the floor with that deafened ringing.

One last time he closed his eyes, clenched her hand, feeling her finger nails numb his fist. The grip loosened, and she gave out a deep, bellowed cry.

Fist still clenched, eyes blood red, she stared at her light silhouette in the mirror. Another one of those nightmares that kept her up all night. Another one of those fears.
Another love lost.