Thursday, 12 April 2012

Because Happily Ever Afters Do Exist

She walked lightly over the freshly cut grass, her fingers intertwined in his. He smiled looking at her twirl her hair around her finger, as her gleaming eyes stared at their reflection in the still river waters. She smiled.

They had been through a lot, not together, but individually. Each had their own share of ups and downs. Each had lost a lot, on the way..and somewhere deep down hoped for a person to bring back part of their identity. A part, they had buried in the depths of the past.

This wasn't any movie-type romance. Nothing of the "love at first sight" sort. They had known each other for years, but never really bothered..until events brought them closer than ever.
They soon realized they couldn't do without each other. Days felt incomplete without meeting, and nights seemed faded, without those long, random conversations. Everyone saw the obvious, except them. They lived in oblivion to reality.

...Except that one day, when Fate decided it was time. They knew they had fallen. Fallen so truly in love, that nothing could stop them. They were perfect.
He knew how to look after her, and she knew how to handle him. They were open and honest. Nothing ever tore them apart. The World knew it was meant to be..

Despite many changes, their loved stayed constant. She'd fall more in love with him, each time she saw him smile. As was it with him.
They had the perfect life.
Blissful and happy.

Turning towards him, with large thoughtful eyes, she knew the time had come. He pulled her a little closer, and moved her hair off her face. Smiling he pulled out a large diamond ring, and went down on his knee.
She thought it was the end, but contrary to her belief, it was a new beginning. He wished her to be his bride.
She accepted.

Tears welled up in both their eyes as they embraced each other in a passionate kiss. They felt the warm air surround them with a feeling of security of a happy future.
They were one, and would always remain one.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Who Am I?

I'm on this never ending quest, of looking for inspiration, for knowledge and for hope.
I'm out in this big world, searching and discovering the greatness that lies within the boundaries of fear and the unknown.
I'm a traveler on an unknown path.
I'm a sailor on the rough seas.
I'm a dreamer, with a million dreams.
I'm a girl, who hopes to be seen.

I have seen the worst of days, wherein my world spun around like a crazy tornado. People changed. Times passed. Situations went awry and nights seemed long.
But still, that tiny voice inside, never did let me shatter.
Disappointments came, lingered for a while and went.
People came, made themselves count, pretended, hurt and left.
But I, I stood strong.
I held my ground.

I've learnt to forgive, if not forget. After all, you can forget things people say, but not how they make you feel. I've learnt that the one person who builds you up, is the one who breaks you down. And that things never go as we expect them to, despite of which, they bring forth better days!

So I dance in the rain.
Run through the pain.
Sail rough weathers.
And fly like a feather.
Let my instincts guide me,
Show me the light,
Bring destiny to me,
And smile through the night :)

Friday, 6 April 2012

The Silence Of The Night

There's a reason why
I love to be alone,
Sit in the dark,
And think life through..
Weep if I have to,
With the reflection
Of the stars, glistening
And shining in my eyes..
The weak whispering
Of the light wind
Telling me secrets
Of the silence of the night.

Many a men, have
Admired it, feared it..
While for me,
It makes me feel alive..
Back from the dead,
To my quiet spot,
Where I thrive
With my thoughts..
I hear it call
With all its might
Embrace me, oh moon,
In the silence of the night :)

Photo-Blog News :D

Hello Blogging World :)

It's been long since I last posted something!
I've been crazily busy with life. Suddenly everything seems so mixed up and madly hectic.

Anyway, I've FINALLY created my photo-blog :D
Here's the link- *Trigger Happy* 
(Yes. Self explanatory name. I go around clicking pictures like a mad woman!)
Do drop in a comment or two. Criticism gets me going. Suggestions and advice are welcomed.

Oh, and yes, which are your favorite photo-blogs? I'd love to know :)
Do post the links!

I shall be coming up with a post soon :)

Much love :)