Saturday, 8 December 2012


Loneliness crept in, as the sun set lightly across velvety skies, leaving a shade of hazy amidst those crisp clouds. Vast mountains fortified the greatness of that empty table land, below which roofs of huts looked like clusters of bright M&M's. The deep flavour of Fir trees tingled her nose, as exhilaration lifted her soul to the heart of nature. She felt her eyes get moist. Just like those lightening flashbacks, memories of the past whisked her mind. She needed him around, just as a weeping child would need the warm comfort of his mother's arms.
There within the arms of his embrace, she felt everything safe. His soft caress would send in fuzzy feelings of happiness throughout her tiny being. There she was, in her own safe cavern. A place where she belonged. Where they belonged. He wasn't far away, he wasn't gone. He was no one's but hers. Love was theirs to cherish. The hollowness was just an augmented figment of her myriad thoughts that accounted for a large chunk of the recent detachment she felt. But then again, love has it's mysterious ways. It keeps people together and binds them with strong threads..for eternity, maybe! 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Through My Teeth.

Her nimble fingers tremble, as she daintily wraps her arms around his neck. He embraces her in a deep, passionate kiss, while she breathed in the deep stench of his cigarettes and tasted his lips, bitter from last night's adventures.

The slight tremble of her body gave him enough evidence of the fear that engulfed her soul. She knew his end was not a far, distant fact. It was now..right this moment. All those dreams of white gowns and pretty dances faded with the clink of champagne glasses, just as though a thousand shards of glass would shatter on the floor with that deafened ringing.

One last time he closed his eyes, clenched her hand, feeling her finger nails numb his fist. The grip loosened, and she gave out a deep, bellowed cry.

Fist still clenched, eyes blood red, she stared at her light silhouette in the mirror. Another one of those nightmares that kept her up all night. Another one of those fears.
Another love lost.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Go Away!

When I look for support in you
All I see are those cold distant eyes
Haunted by the memories of the past
An epoch in your history of lies.

I wonder what I thought, when I made those promises,
Maybe a ray of hope, a sign of change..
A little sympathy. A little care.
But life can never seem fair!

"Go away", you say to me,
"This is not how it's meant to be"..
But I cling on, for the fear of being
An addict all alone, not been seen!

So all I ask is a little love,
A pat on the back, a kiss or a hug.
A little pretension to illusion me,
"Go away, you little freak!"

This was written randomly, as part of a challenge put fourth by a friend of mine. It reflects no feelings of mine, whatsoever :)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

That Inner Demon

When the visions around you
Do nothing but make you cry
And you feel all alone
Despite all the effort and tries.

You have no other choice
But weep until you finally stop
Find that silence deafened 
By your sobs and prayers

Finding that peace within yourself
Because dependence was never your thing
Although a little care would never hurt
Why be such a weak being?

Your mind drives you insane
And that lost sanity is all you have
While the demon gnaws silently
And you stand and watch helplessly.

Strong from out, weak from inside
Shattered minds, going mad
Are all a part of that one thing
That every sad song does sing.  

Friday, 11 May 2012

Go On, Smile :)

It takes a while for one to realize that they themselves hold the key to their own happiness. We often believe that making others happy, being there for them as their pillar of support during dark times is our own way of finding that bit of eternal happiness. 

This myth is so strongly engraved into our value systems, that in the true test of times, we fail.
We fail miserably. 

No one, but us, hold the key to the secret chamber of our happiness. We need to know what is it that makes us feel good about ourselves, as human beings. 
If one cannot truly love himself, he's never going to be happy.

You need to enjoy your own company. You need to feel full of radiance..and eventually, better things fall into place. 
Its the law of the land.
Man was born a little selfish. Society made him care, but not at the cost of him losing his own identity!

We are like spices. We add a little flavor to the food, even though we get a little lost..we stand out. Why?
Because each of us are different. 
Each of us are masterpieces of a well-crafted entity. 
Each of us, are US. 

So go out there, add a little bit of yourself and make the world a culinary genius. :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Because Happily Ever Afters Do Exist

She walked lightly over the freshly cut grass, her fingers intertwined in his. He smiled looking at her twirl her hair around her finger, as her gleaming eyes stared at their reflection in the still river waters. She smiled.

They had been through a lot, not together, but individually. Each had their own share of ups and downs. Each had lost a lot, on the way..and somewhere deep down hoped for a person to bring back part of their identity. A part, they had buried in the depths of the past.

This wasn't any movie-type romance. Nothing of the "love at first sight" sort. They had known each other for years, but never really bothered..until events brought them closer than ever.
They soon realized they couldn't do without each other. Days felt incomplete without meeting, and nights seemed faded, without those long, random conversations. Everyone saw the obvious, except them. They lived in oblivion to reality.

...Except that one day, when Fate decided it was time. They knew they had fallen. Fallen so truly in love, that nothing could stop them. They were perfect.
He knew how to look after her, and she knew how to handle him. They were open and honest. Nothing ever tore them apart. The World knew it was meant to be..

Despite many changes, their loved stayed constant. She'd fall more in love with him, each time she saw him smile. As was it with him.
They had the perfect life.
Blissful and happy.

Turning towards him, with large thoughtful eyes, she knew the time had come. He pulled her a little closer, and moved her hair off her face. Smiling he pulled out a large diamond ring, and went down on his knee.
She thought it was the end, but contrary to her belief, it was a new beginning. He wished her to be his bride.
She accepted.

Tears welled up in both their eyes as they embraced each other in a passionate kiss. They felt the warm air surround them with a feeling of security of a happy future.
They were one, and would always remain one.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Who Am I?

I'm on this never ending quest, of looking for inspiration, for knowledge and for hope.
I'm out in this big world, searching and discovering the greatness that lies within the boundaries of fear and the unknown.
I'm a traveler on an unknown path.
I'm a sailor on the rough seas.
I'm a dreamer, with a million dreams.
I'm a girl, who hopes to be seen.

I have seen the worst of days, wherein my world spun around like a crazy tornado. People changed. Times passed. Situations went awry and nights seemed long.
But still, that tiny voice inside, never did let me shatter.
Disappointments came, lingered for a while and went.
People came, made themselves count, pretended, hurt and left.
But I, I stood strong.
I held my ground.

I've learnt to forgive, if not forget. After all, you can forget things people say, but not how they make you feel. I've learnt that the one person who builds you up, is the one who breaks you down. And that things never go as we expect them to, despite of which, they bring forth better days!

So I dance in the rain.
Run through the pain.
Sail rough weathers.
And fly like a feather.
Let my instincts guide me,
Show me the light,
Bring destiny to me,
And smile through the night :)

Friday, 6 April 2012

The Silence Of The Night

There's a reason why
I love to be alone,
Sit in the dark,
And think life through..
Weep if I have to,
With the reflection
Of the stars, glistening
And shining in my eyes..
The weak whispering
Of the light wind
Telling me secrets
Of the silence of the night.

Many a men, have
Admired it, feared it..
While for me,
It makes me feel alive..
Back from the dead,
To my quiet spot,
Where I thrive
With my thoughts..
I hear it call
With all its might
Embrace me, oh moon,
In the silence of the night :)

Photo-Blog News :D

Hello Blogging World :)

It's been long since I last posted something!
I've been crazily busy with life. Suddenly everything seems so mixed up and madly hectic.

Anyway, I've FINALLY created my photo-blog :D
Here's the link- *Trigger Happy* 
(Yes. Self explanatory name. I go around clicking pictures like a mad woman!)
Do drop in a comment or two. Criticism gets me going. Suggestions and advice are welcomed.

Oh, and yes, which are your favorite photo-blogs? I'd love to know :)
Do post the links!

I shall be coming up with a post soon :)

Much love :)

Monday, 13 February 2012

The Beauty Of Innocence :)

She sat in the dark,weeping silently,
Except the moonbeam shining through the window brightly,
Lies, not worth the tears, left unexplained,
And incomprehensible pleasure in pain!

The pressure mounted, the cuts deepened,
A forgiveness was all that would erase her pain.
A genuine apology.
The innocence of words.
Were taken for granted, leaving her hurt.

A desire to be strong, a desire to be brave,
The want to put wrong to right, and not be naive,
She took charge of her feelings and emotions,
Put the pieces together, and ended the commotion!

The result of hard work seemed to be sweet,
The fruits of courage are never bleak.
Rising and falling, like the stormy waves,
A boat about to topple, had finally sailed!


Guess we all have been in that situation where we are stuck between whats right and wrong.
Between our emotions and morals.
But at the end of the day, we dock our way through..towards our rightful destiny.
Life's like that! :)