Monday, 14 May 2012

Go Away!

When I look for support in you
All I see are those cold distant eyes
Haunted by the memories of the past
An epoch in your history of lies.

I wonder what I thought, when I made those promises,
Maybe a ray of hope, a sign of change..
A little sympathy. A little care.
But life can never seem fair!

"Go away", you say to me,
"This is not how it's meant to be"..
But I cling on, for the fear of being
An addict all alone, not been seen!

So all I ask is a little love,
A pat on the back, a kiss or a hug.
A little pretension to illusion me,
"Go away, you little freak!"

This was written randomly, as part of a challenge put fourth by a friend of mine. It reflects no feelings of mine, whatsoever :)


  1. Nice one.
    "Go away, you little freak" hahaaha, that was actually a funny ending :D

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  3. Oh for a Challenge - u have put up a good content, with appropriate rhyme. Flow is good and consistent.

  4. Hi, you read/comment/follow my blog. Due to privacy issues, I changed the address. If you'd like to know, please drop me an email at

  5. Glad it's fictitious, cause I would have been quite scared for the person you intended this for otherwise. :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sometimes one feels his life being written in someone's words. Painful!
    Very well written.
    Keep blogging :)


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