Monday, 14 May 2012

Go Away!

When I look for support in you
All I see are those cold distant eyes
Haunted by the memories of the past
An epoch in your history of lies.

I wonder what I thought, when I made those promises,
Maybe a ray of hope, a sign of change..
A little sympathy. A little care.
But life can never seem fair!

"Go away", you say to me,
"This is not how it's meant to be"..
But I cling on, for the fear of being
An addict all alone, not been seen!

So all I ask is a little love,
A pat on the back, a kiss or a hug.
A little pretension to illusion me,
"Go away, you little freak!"

This was written randomly, as part of a challenge put fourth by a friend of mine. It reflects no feelings of mine, whatsoever :)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

That Inner Demon

When the visions around you
Do nothing but make you cry
And you feel all alone
Despite all the effort and tries.

You have no other choice
But weep until you finally stop
Find that silence deafened 
By your sobs and prayers

Finding that peace within yourself
Because dependence was never your thing
Although a little care would never hurt
Why be such a weak being?

Your mind drives you insane
And that lost sanity is all you have
While the demon gnaws silently
And you stand and watch helplessly.

Strong from out, weak from inside
Shattered minds, going mad
Are all a part of that one thing
That every sad song does sing.  

Friday, 11 May 2012

Go On, Smile :)

It takes a while for one to realize that they themselves hold the key to their own happiness. We often believe that making others happy, being there for them as their pillar of support during dark times is our own way of finding that bit of eternal happiness. 

This myth is so strongly engraved into our value systems, that in the true test of times, we fail.
We fail miserably. 

No one, but us, hold the key to the secret chamber of our happiness. We need to know what is it that makes us feel good about ourselves, as human beings. 
If one cannot truly love himself, he's never going to be happy.

You need to enjoy your own company. You need to feel full of radiance..and eventually, better things fall into place. 
Its the law of the land.
Man was born a little selfish. Society made him care, but not at the cost of him losing his own identity!

We are like spices. We add a little flavor to the food, even though we get a little lost..we stand out. Why?
Because each of us are different. 
Each of us are masterpieces of a well-crafted entity. 
Each of us, are US. 

So go out there, add a little bit of yourself and make the world a culinary genius. :)