Monday, 31 October 2011

Falling Again?

He was the best, so she believed, and she had unwavering faith in that belief.
And all that resulted of the year and a half long stint was a big, bad heartbreak that shattered her!
She didn't care anymore.
She felt all numb. Dramatic as it sounds, it couldn't be more true.
She isolated herself.
Got over-worked.
Fought with friends and family.
Cried herself to sleep.
Wrote sad songs, and stayed up all night.

Time heals all wounds, so they say. And true, it is.
She was genuinely happy again. Every time someone took his name, or each time he texted her, she wouldn't flinch. She was brave. She overcame all that she had lost, by finding love in other things like her work, her family, her friends and even in watching movies. Her playlist didn't sound so depressing either.
She was back on track.

Outer appearances are often deceptive, as so was it with her.
She lost all feelings of "true love". Believed it to be utter bullshit. Anytime she saw people who were "madly in love", she found it crappy and cheesy. She cracked jokes and mocked them.
But in reality, she was just trying to hide the scars her wounds left behind. She had lost utter faith in that 4 letter word that made the wold go round, so to speak!

..until she met him!
He gave her butterflies the first time he walked up to her. He made her feel special and loved. His cute, cheesy messages made her smile like a retard. His smile sent her to another land, altogether. He intimidated her!
Initially, she was scared. Scared to loose him, and to have history repeat itself. But he had a story of his own. His heart was also broken. And he needed a companion to make him believe that everything would be all right! Being in the exact same position as he was, they helped each other. They'd talk all day long. She'd crack stupid jokes to make him laugh, when he was feeling low. They were the distractions they needed.

And then, the obvious happened. She began to fall for him, as did he!

Accepting this fact, they decided to keep things on hold. She has to focus on her priorities, and so does he. They both need time, something they have enough of.
Mature, is what they've become.
He came at the right time, and now she knows things are going to fall in place when they have to!

Till then, she's happily writing her destiny! :)

:) <3


  1. #true story#???:-) awesomely written tho..

  2. True story, indeed! :P
    Thankyou! :)

  3. good write ups:)abstract reality...??? from where did u pick this up...would be extremely kind if u be honest!

  4. :) may god bless both :) well written shagun...

  5. @Shivam: Thankyou :) I cam up with Abstract Reality because whatever I write has a whole lot of truth and realism in it, and sometimes I don't put in everything directly! Hence Abstract.
    Besides, I write about a vast range of topics, so it was pretty apt :)
    I know your blog name is Abstractly Real :P

    @TheBluntBlogger: Aw. Thankyou so much :)

  6. If u didnt take that name from my is a mighty coincidence because the name 'abstractly real' is totally my brainchild!

  7. Lol. No I didn't :)
    In case you didn't notice, I've been on blogger longer than you have. :)

  8. Just wish every story ended happily. I was heart-broken mid-way but then yay, happiness. :D
    Wish she continues writing her destiny happily. :*
    This was put together wonderfully.

  9. Aw! Thankyouu :*
    I'm sure she will :)

  10. Wow. God bless you :)
    This was some beautiful writing!

  11. totally awesome post, and so true "cried allnight" - hmm .... makes sense .. and finding some1 spcl again is the best gift ever that life could give you...:)

  12. Great piece of wise writing.. and at 17, time is definitely on your side... "keeping things on hold until the time is right, things will fall into place".. perfect.. after all, why rush into reading a good book, take things slowly and get to know its characters in your own time and it will be the best book you've ever read!..

    Also, many thanks for joining my blog, it is much appreciated.. I'll be back ;)

    Pauls Poetic Sauce

  13. @Blahblaholic: Awh. Thank you woman :*

    @Menachery: Yeah. It really is :) Thank you <3

    @Paul: Yeah. Absolutely.
    Thankyou for following back! :P
    Your blog is amazingg! <3 :)

  14. yes life sucks, and then pukes. :D
    It's all about waiting for your turn.. Non-fiction always connects in a way that fiction can't.


  15. @Shoaib: Thankyou :)

    @Aakash: Yeah!It totally does! :P

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