Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Uncivilized Indian

They've dominated the streets. The homes. The railways. The malls. And now, the world!
Oh yes, this goes out to that Indian, who is little too loud.
A little too obsessed with plagiarism.
A little too ill-mannered.
A little too uncivilized.

I was at the mall, with my father, the other day, eating in the food court. On the table next to ours, there was this large party of kids accompanied by a grandmother, a lanky elder kid they called 'bade bhaiyya' and two gossip-y aunties.
They all decided to eat more than what any average person can (a typical Indian trait. We think the food is going to run out of stock, just like some dress at Colaba Causeway). Eating a lot is still fine, but they managed to spill 4glasses of Coke float too. Despite this, they all just got up and walked away, after being extremely rude to the person who cleaned up the mess THEY made. They didn't even wait to give him a tip!
One child in particular, mis-treated one of the workers too. He was harsh and loud, and really ill-mannered. While his mother (read: gossip-y aunty) didn't say a word! In fact she just smiled at him, and walked away!
Didn't she realize that it reflected on her as well?
Wasn't she the elder one?
Don't children take after their folks?

This was one of the most disgusting things I've seen. Children on the streets can behave better.
It may all seem small and inconsequential, but look at the bigger picture.
Just because you're a rich kid, and you go to a mall, wear branded clothes, and look all snobbish and stuck up, as though you have something up your ass.. That doesn't mean you're given a golden ticket to mis-treat someone who's doing your dirty work.
Shame on such people.

And then we complain about being looked down upon when we go abroad, and hear someone mutter "bloody Indians", under their breath.
We dress loud. We talk loud. We cannot behave.
What else can we expect?

I'm not generalizing this to ALL Indians. It's just those few people, you see daily, who's appearance isn't deceptive.
Maybe we need to start from home.
Treat people right, here in India, itself.
Watch our behavior when we step out of the four walls of our home.
Learn basic etiqette.

Then maybe someday, we won't have to be shushed for TALKING SO LOUDLY, AS THOUGH THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU IS STONE DEAF OR A 1000 MILES AWAY, OR WORSE, BOTH!

(I don't mean to offend anyone out here. Just a very strong opinion,that should be given a second thought! :) )


  1. Ah. I get the same feeling when I am in India. But sometimes, I even enjoy it..

  2. and these are the Indians who rant that ooh, India is so dirty, such uncivilized people .. like, how about taking a long look at yourself?

  3. I see this all the time.
    All. The. Time.

  4. sometimes the same can be said about certain Pakistanis. of course i know lots of people (both Indian and Pakistani) who are absolutely amazing and civilized and well mannered and polite (Indian and Pakistani students are very well-known abroad for their intelligence too!), but unfortunately they are in the minority. you're right, change should begin from one's home country. :)

  5. @Zeba: Haha. Yeah, it can be entertaining at times :P

    @Crystal: Absolutely! >_<

    @Ovais: Mee too! :/

    @Furree: True that! There's no doubt about that. I'm talking about those people who cannot behave themselves in public, irrespective of where they are!

  6. Hey there :)
    Can you increase the font and maybe just change the shade a little bit??
    BTW, bang on post. Such people annoy the crap out of me. I mean, just because you are richer doesn't give you the permission to be such rude horrible people x_x
    Take care

  7. @Blahblaholic:Exactlyy! I agree!

    P.S.I'll do something about the font :)

  8. very well said!!!!!!kudos...

  9. Looks a million times better.
    BTW, love the new layout ;)


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