Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Society. Fear. Death.

We're like an integral part of society. It cant do without us..
But sometimes, we end up misusing the things we cannot live without. Women, unfortunately, have the same fate!
Being sold for sex, victims of rape and torture. Why is it that we have such a fate?
Despite modern standards and new school thoughts, women are still a major exception, in most cases!
Here is something I wrote on a rape victim..probably inspired by my Sociology lectures! (Yes. I do attend them!)


It struck her like a knife, penetrating into her skin,
A deep pain wallowed her whole being
As if being pricked by a hundred pins..
Pins, not of the hurt, but of shame and fear..

Fear? What for? You may ask.
The fear of not being accepted into society
The shame of her femininity being questioned
The fear of all the madness
The shame of standing up for her sadness.

This is how life treats a women,
Making her feel divine, only for the purpose of birth..
The lost innocence and "purity"
Is that all we judge?!

Giving everything she had,
In the hopes to stay alive..
Her expectations, did anyone care?
Was her inner voice ever prioritized?!

She had dreams, dreams bigger than the rest
A want to fly freely
Escape from the bonds of slavery!
Her inner voice, never did she hear..
The constant abuse, did she not fear?

Lost were her thoughts and feelings,
Lost, was once she all had
Her love, her family, her life..
All that was left, was an eternal strife!

She lived in the hopes of her expectations being answered,
But hope never knocked her door.
She decided to end the grief and pain,
Run away from the strains of the chain!

What she left back was only a legacy,
One that would help her kind
It proved that life and fate are in our hands,
Wherein the weak suffer, and the strong one stands!


True Story.


  1. Oooh. Interesting. And sad, that in today's society we still have so much against women.

    I need you to email me, by the way.

  2. Yeah. It really is such a sorry situation!
    The unfortunate part is, people talk about women being liberalized and all that shizz!

    Yeah sure. I'll email you :)

  3. This was beautiful.
    And yeah we are all such hypocrites. Women education, empowerment blah blah but such basic social issues we don't address.
    Sucks! :(

  4. Yeah. Exactly! :|
    Thankyou, btw :)


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