Saturday, 17 September 2011

On Being Strong ..

She stares at her life flashing by, just like in the movies. Except that every scene here was nothing but reality. Nothing but a true manifestation of what she had gone through, witnessed or experienced.
Standing at the edge of the sea, watching the waves crash against the rocks, with only a hint of deep moonlight highlighting it's depth, she contemplates on right and wrong.
She muses over the World's silly ways, and smiles, for she'll be long gone, to hear them chatter.

As a spray of the cold ocean water hits her face, reality brings her back into it's vortex. They say reality is bad, but at times, it can prove to be the exact opposite. She remembers all the good times..
Her friends. Her family. Her work. her love.
Realizing her entire life is still left ahead of her, a tiny tear slips down her pretty face as she imagines what all she can do.
What all she can be.
All those dreams and hopes turning to reality.
All those relationships lasting forever.

Standing upright, in the cold, eerie night, she now has the knowledge of right and wrong. She knows that the right things aren't always easy, but going down the difficult path will make her strong.
After lingering in the beauty of the night, for a while, she carefully steps off the bridge. And walks away victorious, under the glittering stars to her rightful destiny!

'Nuff Said :)


  1. Beautifully Written <3
    & Yeah, super true.
    This really helps me somewhat because iNeed to only worry about myself right now.

  2. Can you change the color of your text to a lighter purple? My eyes can't fix em to a dark font :/
    And, alot of times we need to give life a break .. Get ourselves back on track and move with our chin up! And this one says just that .. me Likes !

  3. @iZynab: Thankyou :) Yeah. Sometimes it's just really good to think about yourself only. :)

    @Crystal: I'm sorry about the font color, is it okay now?
    Yep. You got that right. :)
    Thankyou. :D

  4. OMG, amazing! you're super talented with your words.
    i also looove your header ♥ you're adorable.

  5. jst went thru ua blog.. u really got skills to write things !! i dunt knw buh m nut able to follow ua blog, dere isnt any link to follow it :( help me out wid it..

  6. Beauutiful! Loved the positivity :)
    BTW I like your new banner! :D

  7. @Furree: OMG! Thankyou so much! Thats a lot coming from you♥
    @Darpan: Thankyou. :) There is a follow link on the top left corner, just hit that :)
    @Blahblaholic: Thankyouu so much! ♥


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