Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Tribute To My Father.

This is something I had written for my dad a few days back. He's been my biggest support system all through, and I'm really grateful to him for everything!

(OMG! I know that sounded like some "Eeeee. I'm Miss World" speech. Sorry for that. :P)
Here goes.

He held her tiny fingers,
Close to his chest,
Letting her gleeful smile
Envelope him in the moment.

He gave her his large hand,
To skip around in the park,
He let her hold him and weep,
When her bicycle struck the bark.

He guided her all through school,
Making her strong and brave..
With failed attempts of being Mr. Cool,
So that her friends wouldn't be naive.

Pre-teen years, left him frustrated,
Funny hormonal mood swings,
And crazy cravings..
Were accompanied with serious talks, and silly joking.

During his hard times,
She saw him cry,
All she could promise,
Was to be a good girl, and try.

Days passed, as did years,
Hardly did he realize, she was all grown,
Holding back his tears, he said,
"I'm amazed at the maturity you've shown."

He said that only so she'd feel confident and brave,
But she knew deep inside,
Daddy was trying to overcome his daze,
His silent prayer, and attempt to confide..

"Don't worry daddy", she said,
"I'm always here for you,
Even if you're old and cranky,
Cause you were there for me too.

You held onto me, when i had no faith,
You believed in me, when i was trembling with doubt,
You managed to handle a crazy girl,
And brought her up with love and shouts..

I've known all along, you wanted my best,
And that you wish, to hold onto the rest..
Now I'm all grown, and may soon go,
Daddy, you're my hero, is all you need to know.

I really find this cartoon SO super adorable! :)


P.S. I'm sorry if that was a bit too sentimental.
And and, I'd love to know what you thought about it.
I love compliments. O:)


  1. Aww i so much loved it.Your dad must read this :)

  2. A very touching piece...ur dad must read it...i thnk evry daughter should read it:-)A very touching piece...ur dad must read it...i thnk evry daughter should read it:-)

  3. Wow!
    Your daddy is so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter.
    Loved the poem totally.

  4. Awwww =)
    I loved this! You should make your dad read this sometime ;)

  5. Beautiful,
    It reminds me of a touching song and its video from a daughter to her father that was once shared on facebook by a good friend. I don't quite remember the lyrics or the name of the song, but it was on similar lines. This one, is equally beautiful.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. :) :) I really have nothing to say... :)

  7. To become sentimental isnt a bad thing at all :) And its a well deserved feelings that everyone must have for their parents :)

    You have written it Very Awesomely :)

    God Bless You and your Father.

  8. @Sunakshi: Thankyou. :) Yeah, my dad did read it. He was completely touched. :')
    @Aanya: Thankyou :D
    @Muhammad: Awh. Thankyou. :D
    @Hamza: You made my day! :') Thankyou. <3
    @Blahblaholic: Thanks. I did. :)
    @Blasphemous Aesthete: Yeah? I know. There are many such songs. Thankyou, btw. :)
    @Sushmit: :D <3
    @Imad: Thankyou. You, too, have made my day! xoxo

  9. How touching ~
    Big thanks to your Father for having such a amazing gal.

  10. @iZaynab: OMG! Your comment made my day, really! :')
    Thankyou. :*

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  12. Shagun I read your blog at a libg time an seriously it touched to the bottom of heart.
    SNO shall be touchd by it


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