Saturday, 13 August 2011

Imagination's Girl.

I'm often thinking of random things, and this is what my grey matter decided to come up with, for no rhyme or reason! Yes, I tend to do a lot of mind blabber.

Who's that girl, with the large, glossy black eyes?
Her hair a deep coffee brown, shaped and long, highlighting her pretty face.
Dressed in black, she looks like an average teen, but look closer, she carries a crown of thorns.
Despite this her lips twist into an angelic smile.
Her hands seem rough, but elegant.
She wears the pride of a survivor.
The confidence of a pageant queen.
The hurt of a mother who lost her child.
And the knowledge of the saints of the Himalayas.
So young, you may wonder. Yes, life treated her differently!
It made her heart like a soldier. Always protected with high walls.
She says she feels no pain, but the eyes don't deceive.
She holds onto memories, like a child and her favorite blanket.
Who she is, we'll never know. But she's out there, somewhere, shaping her destiny!

*gets reflective*


  1. I loved these lines!!
    Wow .. You should "mind blabber" more!!


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