Thursday, 3 November 2011


It was a sad, sad time, that I believed, ruined my childhood. I regretted everything it did. Each and every consequence. But that was when I was an immature 10 year old.
Now, I think it's the best thing that ever happened to me, and my family. It's made the person I am today. It's made me stronger, and way more smarter.
It was my father's divorce.

No. This isn't a "I-need-the-world's-sympathy" post. I don't.
I'm happy it happened. It brought fourth so many life changing values, and also brought fourth my new mother. She is the best thing that's EVER happened to me. I mean it.

Initially, I hated her, for some vague reason. Maybe because it was hard to digest a divorce, and the concept of a new mother, or maybe because we grew up with stories like Hansel and Grettle, wherein the "step-mother" was "evil". Bullshit.

I'd never call my mother "step-mom". She doesn't deserve that kind of a discrimination. She has nurtured me, and looked after me throughout my life, just like any other mother.
She's always been my pillar of strength.
She's made me responsible, and mature.
She taught me to be confident, and proud of myself.
She taught me to face the world bravely.
She taught me to be myself, chase my dreams and never let any obstacle come in my way.

Being a really opinionated person, I'm sure she had millions of issues in trying me help me become better. I was arrogant, and rude. But she put up a brave front, and never gave up. Despite all the world criticizing her, she did what she felt was right.
You're a commendable person, mom. I really appreciate everything you've done for me. :)

All the times we've had our super long mother-daughter talks. The way you've handled my 'tsunamis'. The times we've gone shopping like two teenagers. The times we've made fun of the epic people we meet. All our inside jokes. The serious talks. The motivation. The yelling. The endless horror movies. Everything.
Thank you so much!
You've always treated me the way I felt I should be treated. You've always believed in me, when I ceased to believe in myself. You're more like a sister, a best friend. You've heard me rant about my teenage insecurities, boyfriend issues, and god knows what not. You've patiently helped me understand everything, from the 'birds and the bees' to knowing how to treat difficult people.

You're the strongest person I've ever known. The way you've braved people, and stood your ground, is simply wow. Each time someone criticized you, you never took it to heart. You are doing the best you can. and no one is going to deny that!
I just wish to be exactly like you, when I grow up :)
I really do.

I promise to rise higher than your expectations. Always be a good daughter. And never ever let you down.
I love you!

And to everyone who thinks stereotypically about "step mothers" being "bad", you need a super big reality check. I have an amazing mom, and she loves me no less than what your mom does!

Not everyone gets second chances, I'm glad I got one. :)

How True :P


  1. this seems to be more real than abstract:) well written:)

  2. *bows down* to your mom and daughter relationship :) It certainly takes courage to fill someone else's shoes and keeping an open mind for a new mom....

    You are blessed for sure <3

  3. Its important to not have a per-conceived notion or bias about a person before hand...without actually meeting or talking...There are few persons..with whom we take time to warm up and like...and off course , trust and respect plays a very important part...

    Kudos to your mother-daughter/sister-sister/friend-friend relationship. :)

    Best Regards!

  4. Wow.
    Yes, loads of people DO need a reality check.
    Lovely post!

  5. very very well written..:-) ur mom is one proud mom too..

  6. A sweet tribute to your mother,I hope you guys stay this way forever and I know someone too who loves her step child as her own and she never had any children of her own

    people like your mother are rare and I wish I could eradicate the step mothers being bad but reality always proves me wrong

    all the best
    warmest wishes to you and your mom
    nice post (like scribbled from heart kinda post)

    long comment huh..i dont know..i just feeling like writing more and more.. o

  7. @Shivam: Thankyou :)

    @TheBluntBlogger: Wow. That really means a lot. Thanks :)

    @Kunal: Absolutely. I agree.
    Thanks :)

    @Blahblaholic: Thankyouu :*

    @Rahul:Woah! Thankyou so much :')

    @TOSM: Haha. Aw. Thankyou for your looong comment! :)
    Yeah..afterall they're also human beings. Imagine how difficult it must be for them too!

    Much love,

  8. Wow. It takes courage to write so sharply. Trust me ,you, it does. This was SO beautiful otherwise. I almost applaud the beauty of the relation.. Guess we're so much under the impression that step moms are totally un-momly that we don't absorb things otherwise.
    Anyway .. I respect this post! So.Much!

    Take care, both of youuu!

  9. lovely tribute to your mom

  10. @Crystal: Thankyou so much! Your comment made me grin like a retard :D
    Iloveyou :D

    @Magiceye: Aw. Thankyou :)

  11. That was a lovely post dedicated to your mom!

  12. Wowww I'm so happy that u've got such a super mom :D and she is also lucky to have u as a daughter who loves her back equally :D

    Yees, a lottttttttt of ppl do need a reality check. I totally agree with u that not all step moms are bad.

  13. Sometimes you need to give yourself another chance.

    Take care dear,

  14. That is some sweet post I have read about a mother. I am sure she is equally happy and proud to have you as her daughter.


  15. Nothing like mother. No bloody thing, person, pleasure of the world.


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  17. This is the sweetest thing ever :)


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