Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Searching for Answers!

Bored best friends always have a supernatural tendency of getting awfully philosophical. This is what me and my "BFF" (Yes. The super-ly obvious tag) came up with!

When you revolve your life around an inconsequential thing,
Knowing the walls of comfort may break someday,
When you know it's gonna come right back at you,
Why do we wait to go astray..

Hypothetical questions out in the void,
Shooting around like a voluminous asteroid,
Kill the confusion and kill the pain,
Why isn't right or wrong as clear as rain..

Because the rain isn't clear,
And the pain goes unsaid,
While the walls of comfort,
Are as stable as castles of dirt!

Being strong is what we have to do,
Taking everything in out stride,
Friends and foes, may come and go,
But in the end, we stand alone!

Friends, they come and go!
Some true, some fake. But life goes on!


Rant, Rave, Appreciate, Criticize.
Go ahead. Your views are welcome. :)