Saturday, 2 February 2013


We're two. 
In a world of fear. 
She loves being cared. 
And I, I love my tomb of silence. 
I stay and muse on the ghosts around. 
She's an undefined part - one I'll never get.
I'm just her harlot. Her slave. Her faithful minion.
She doesn't know where she'll get. What she'll become.
But me. I know. I know it all. I'm there at the back. Forgotten. 
When the clocks strike, and the moon disappears. She'll turn to me. 
And I, I'll silently whisper words of resurrection. For, we're one. Always. 


  1. Ominous stuff, Shagun! But quite lovely, all the same.
    I hope you're doing well ♥
    And I love your blogger profile picture, you're beautiful!

  2. interesting stuff, in fact really liked it.


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