Friday, 15 July 2011

Delhi Belly-Utter Disaster!

Much hyped about movies always make you want to go and watch them! Maybe because curiosity kills or you just like being a critic and killing the fun. Ha, sadastic pleasures!
I suffer from both.

I recently went to watch the much anticipated, 4 star movie of the year, Delhi Belly (Marketting gimicks do wonders!). Let me tell you, I was throughly disappointed.
The movie had simply NO story, the direction was slack, characterization was weak, acting was average and it was an unnecessary drag.

Maybe I suck at judging movies, or the people around me do. For no reason cuss words were added in every sentence, and so many people went 'cool' and 'awesome' over that!

To add to it, it was in 'Hinglish'. A few scenes did have good slapstick humour, while the rest were potential PJ's (Poor Jokes, for those who are "Gen Y Abbrevation" retarded). It looked to be a failed attempt of trying to mix up Peter Sellers' (Pink Panther Series) humour, with a little touch of Steve Martin and a hint of American Pie type jokes, and a story as sad as Crank II. I guess that can explain how sad it was.
Imraan 'oh-so-cute' Khan was a turn off because of his sad make up and even bad attempts of making out with that awful lizard like lady. Eeeks. Human disaster!

Coming to the music, there was nothing as catchy as that!
The song DK Bose makes you go all DK Bose-y. Its like those annoying songs you like but cant get out of your head.
Even "Jaa Chudail" was epically hilarious.
But "I Hate You Like (I Love You) in brackets" was awesome! Stupid lyrics and amazing mocking of silly 'superstars'.

Overall, it was pretty okay-ish, a one time watch. Nothing so great or worthy of comparison to movies like 3 Idiots.
Watch it, if you can. Its short, you'll survive.
This does show how strong branding is in the industry.
Shahrukh Khan is not the only lame example in my dictionary now!


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  2. This film literally reeks of toilet humour, and spouts unnecessary cuss words like there's no tomorrow.
    PS- Lizard like lady.... talk about alliteration XD XD

  3. Lol. I know right?
    I completely hated it. X_X
    Alliterations are awesome! XP


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