Sunday, 31 July 2011

Forever And Always!

We all have that one set of weirdos we can trust our lives with. They're always there, making you feel good about your achievements and giving you reality checks on your worst prejudices! (I mean, who would need that? But friends are friends!) They keep your head on your shoulders, and ensure you be a bitch only when you have to!
I, too, have this amazing set of retarded creatures who were "cosmically coincident", and brought into each others company by the "Holy Lord". Here's my tribute (Okay, I didn't get any other word) to them!
To flattery. Cheers! (We all have our days!)

My Best Friend. Shar. :)
She's probably the MOST confused person anyone can ever come across! We've known each other for 5 years now, and well, she's still slow with pervert jokes! (It's okay, there are slow learners all over the world, love!)
She's been with me through everything. Literally. All through school, from innocent kids, to snobbish teens, to insecure college days. Despite having numerous fights, and 'you need a reality check' talks, we've held on to each other, shared our fears, our joys, and our ice creams!
All those crazy 12am talks (Damn, you are bloody instinctive!), holding hands and skipping around school, 'I look hideous today' embarrassments, Johnny Bravo chats (OMG!), 'we need to talk' moments, 'when we're 80 year old' talks, Himalaya abscond plans..
All of them just show how much you mean to me. Damn, I'm getting sentimental.

My Girlfriend. Ishi. :)
I cannot live without her, period. It's ironic, cause we hated each other in school, and then just randomly met one day, and termed each other girlfriends. Haha. That was kind of silly, you know! Anyway.
There's not one day that passes without us texting or talking. Even if it does, we'll compensate for it the next day! (Our cell phone bills, sigh!). You've been such an amazing friend, you know. Even if your upset or frustrated, you're always there for me. You'll hear the same gay stories again and again, and keep reacting to them with the same enthusiasm.
All our silly girly talks, 'when we were there' talks, CCD dates (Damn, I haven't been there in a while!), 'Ironies of Life' conversations, POL & book writing ideas, Punny jokes, 'I-know-right' moments, Imitating people who 'ispeak lyk dis' laughs, 'Lolzzz..<3 <3' picture comments..
Wow. Thats a lot for being friends only for a year. I know you got sentimental, idiot.

Perspective Girl. Nishi. :P
So you're horny. Very horny. Your thinking, no one can match. Your jokes, no one can think of. And your ability to change moods, damn! You can be So pervert one minute, and be talking about life philosophies and people the next. You have some capacity to gossip. Remember the silly B n R ice cream talks?
All those silly photography quests, bitching about gay people making out in CCD, eating like theres no tomorrow, flop make up sittings, shopping plans that never happen, speed boating!
Beside all of this, there's just so much to learn to you. You've got so many layers. You're talented as hell. I admire your courage, your independence and ability of making up stories. :P

The "Awwwwwwsome" One. Rahul.
Yeah yeah, you are "awwwesome", and you cannot spell "Royce" properly.
You are the craziest and most amazing friend I've had. Our conversations are worth writing a 10 volume Joke Book which would definitely receive a Nobel Prize, in the near future. We'll insure that!
All our stupid 'we have to save the world' talks, 'anti Reliance' conversations, singing on the phone at 3 in the night, "arre listen to me na" talks, saving epic photographs, music afternoons, watching the guy fall of the swing from your window sill..
Everything just potrays how much you're full of yourself, cuz I know you're gonna go all "I'm awesome B)" over this! (I'm just kidding. :P)

Jay. :)
So, I'm kinda confused about what category you'd fall under, cause I don't seem to be getting the right words to use here!
You've been my best friend all through school. We've gone from completing hating each other, to it's absolute opposite, and opposite, again!
You're still the best dancer I know, the one that cracks the most 'pathetic' 'punny' jokes on 'hideous' people, the one who's drawing is pretty cool, the one who understands exactly how I feel, without me saying much, and the one who's got an awful B'lore accent, and the one who can bear me 24/7.. ( I'm kidding here.)
But all of this is just 1% of who you truly are.
Misunderstood, we all are. :)

So these are the retards who can never ever get replaced. No matter if we turn 80 and become wrinkled old creatures trotting with a stick, we'll ensure even then that we'd take each others sticks and run away..
I may fight with you guys, say things I don't mean, PMS like a bitch, but at the end of the day, I'm always gonna be there for you guys..
So, I'm getting sentimental and stuff, but most of you are used to those mood swings!

Shar is probably getting all nostalgic by now.
Ishi is planning her super long reply!
Nishi is coming up with wise cracks to hide how she truly feels.
Jay is probably confused, and is wondering how to reply.
While Rahul must be chanting "I'm Awwwesome"!

I love you people. B)


  1. sweet as anything. but lemme just break your bubble now that i have a chance. :P

    by the time u r 80, you will have 80 other frnds. i guess u r in school now. get into collg. there will be additions. and then subtractions. keep em close girlie :)

    have fun!

    I read it over a hundred times :')
    You've written about all of us.. It's lovely!
    Now here's about you..

    Who could've been SO strong? [level of comparison is you!].. You've handled life SO well.. You have the confidence in you!
    Howmuchever broken you might be from the inside, you stand strong from the outside!
    You've been this pillar of strength in my life :)
    From the gay stories to the bad hair days to the eeeeps! xP
    Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest..
    It's about who came and never left your side..:)
    So here's to the most retarded bitch on earth..
    For all the memories, secret-sharing,mid-night texting,gossiping, gay words,
    bitch talks, lalalalas, blablablas! :P
    The times when we look behind(literally!) and talk of stuff we were talking :P
    And the moments when the rockstar in us just takes over :D
    All the weird-spaz photo sessions and stalking profiles..
    Talking of how we took over each other's notifications O:)
    Going all "Don't I know?" and "Right!" and "You're capable of doing that!"
    And the patent - cat&bitch fights :P..going anti Gujjus :P and texting while being
    in the same room..and going all EEPS when it came to hottays XD
    For ALL the (il)legal hangouts we've had :P
    The sleepovers and the hangovers :S
    And the times when we made each other feel strong and confident in life :')
    The coffee dates and the serious talks where we went all intheface :P
    Taking words too seriously and sitting on the ground :P
    For all the times we've supported each other through thick and thin :)
    ILoveYou! :*
    And yes- XOXO :P

  3. @ Nish: Oh yeah! O:)

    @Raj: I already am in college. :) I've written about those school friends who've been there despite the paradigm shifts. :)

    #Ishi: Eeeeeeeeeeeps. :D
    Thankyou so much womaaan! :D Iloveyou too. :*


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